Omaker WoW Handsfree Wireless Wifi Bluetooth Speakers with Amazon Alexa

  • Omaker WoW is a hands-free Wi-Fi speaker with Powered by Linkplay technology and the Alexa Voice Service, enabling you to play millions of songs from popular streaming music services, pair multiple speakers for a whole-home audio experience, and access Amazon Alexa just by using your voice.
  • Omaker WoW works as a Amazon certified hands-free voice-enabled speaker that serves you. Just ask Alexa to play music, check the weather, hear the news, control smart home devices, order a pizza, and more…
  • Streams high resolution audio (192khz/24bit; 44.1KHz/16bit) through dual 4W speakers, bringing you a feast for the ears.
  • Features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and dual built-in batteries making Omaker WoW a wireless portable speaker you can take anywhere.
  • Pair multiple WoW speakers together through the Omaker App and be free to switch from one to another or just let them play at the same time, filling the whole house with amazing sound. (Search "eomaker alexa"or "wow alexa" in Google Play Store to download Omaker APP.)

What is Omaker WoW?
Omaker WoW is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker features hands-free voice control when connecting to Alexa Voice Service(AVS).

When ask WoW with the wake word “Alexa”, it will lights up with blue led light ring and enable AVS to answer and response to your voice requests instantly.

Ask for Music through voice Interactions
Connecting to AVS, the speaker can provide you hands-free voice control experience for some online music resources, such as Tuneln. You can search, play or even buy music online just by your voice.

A Good Accompany with You in Home
If you do not want to go outside on weekends. Omaker WoW can accompany you in home. You do not need to lift a finger, it can tell you many things.
Except playing music for you, with the smart brain behind it--AVS, WoW speakers can read news for you, report the latest traffic information you requested, telling you the update of your favorite sport team, answer questions for you.
You can get any news you want in home, just ask “Alexa”.

Free to Take it to Anywhere You Like.
With its dual built-in battery, WoW speaker can play a long time without charging. When you go outdoors, it can serves as a wireless portable bluetooth speakers for you. Through Bluetooth connection, just play music from the music service already downloaded in your devices.
If you want to enable AVS in a places without Wi-Fi connection, you can also connect to Internet with a available mobile hot spot.

Easy to Set up and Use.

Step 1: Installed OMAKER App on IOS or Android devices and then set up and manage your Omaker WoW speaker. You can download the free OMAKER App from Google Play or App Store.(Please refer to your user manual.)

Step 2: Following the instruction on Omaker App and connect to the Internet

Step 3: Just ask for music and realize hands-free control. More instructions please refer to the user manual.

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