Omaker M5 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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  • Omaker M5 speaker -- Inherited Omaker M4, we adopted All Our Customers' Suggestions in the last 2 years, we created this - Omaker M5 speaker.
  • Most Powerful BASS Ever -- Enjoy Most Powerful Bass Ever and Amazing Clear Stereo Sound Quality realized via Dual Hi-Performance 5W Drivers. Along with Dual vibrating diaphragms which enhance the bass grade, M5 is born to be a bass Bluetooth speaker.
  • IP67 Rating & Shockproof -- Fully Waterproof, Fully Dustproof and Unique Rugged Square Shockproof Designed as a Outdoor/Shower speaker; M5 speaker could even float on water, it is perfect to have bath, or have fun on beach/river.
  • Unique Noise-free Technology -- Built in an Advanced DSP Chip, Enjoy crystal clear sound quality at any volume extent without noise.
  • Unique Outdoor/Indoor Modes -- Outdoor mode: Loud sound Powered by Dual 5W horns for noise occasions, such as meeting, party, etc. Indoor Mode: Stereo Bass sound for enjoying clear, natural music.

Omaker M5 speaker - Customers imagined it, and we made it!

We received all suggestions on from our customers, fans and reviewers in last 2 years, and now we made it.
Omaker M5 - It is not simple.

Comes from Omaker M4 speaker
• Omaker M4, a Bluetooth speaker admired by millions of customers on Amazon. But we always wants to make it better.
• Omaker has an elaborate customer suggestion data bank, we adopted these valuable advises and negative reviews in the last 2 years, took in the pros, and took out the cons. Now, it is time for Omaker M5 speaker!

Unique sound quality designs for music lovers
• Dual 5W drivers: This portable speaker could give out a powerful loud sound that powered by its dual 5W, 52mm diameter large uprated horns.
• Free-noise technology: Different from other brand Bluetooth speakers, we have a unique DSP chip built in, which could show the true colors of music with a clear, natural sound quality.
• Dual vibrating diaphragms: Thanks to advises from our fans, we made dual vibrating diaphragms on M5's back, which enhances this portable speaker's bass to a superb grade; It makes our music lovers' dream comes true.

Fully waterproof, fully dustproof and shockproof designed as a outdoor/shower speaker
• Professional IP 67 rating: Fully waterproof designed, this wireless speaker could handle immersion in up to one meter of water to up to 30 minutes. Along with fully dustproof features, it is thoroughly resistant to water, dust and sand.
• Proper density floating on water: Its proper weight/size design makes flotage on water become real.
• Shockproof design: Inherited Omaker M4's unique rugged square design, the speaker could stand collision from your hands to the ground even it has a heavier weight than M4.

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